La Sirène Petit Sour

La Siréne Petit Sour (4.8% ABV)  is a bright Belgian style sour incorporating whole Enigma hops and Lactobacillus from our in-house natural souring process. This bracing quencher is highly addictive. Appearance Straw coloured and cloudy by appearance, this rustic looking farmhouse beer pours with generous head.

Our Petit Sour is full of vibrant tropical notes with a hint of farmhouse funk. This sour imparts bursts of zippy melon, citrus and tropical fruits with some natural acidity from our in-house souring process. This elegantly balances the fruitiness and La Siréne funk with a crisp acidity that lets the beautiful lactic acid shine through.


Unfiltered / Unpasteurised / Artisanal. Available in keg only.



Available in 50L KEG only