Sour Farmhouse Ale

(5% ABV)

Paradoxe is a naturally soured Farmhouse Ale that was soured in our brewery using resident airborne wild bacteria that provides a natural acidity to this super refreshing ale. Dry hopping using tropical NZ grown hops gives wine characters and a natural fermentation using our House Yeast delivers a familiar continuity with the rest of our artisan ales. expect aromatics of white wine and citrusy/pineapple characters. A Southern Hemisphere Classic!

The Paradoxe is just that, it’s a Farmhouse Ale that blurs the lines between wine & beer and pays homage my past in winemaking, the dry hopping with fresh locally grown Australian Hops really is the star of the show here and makes this beer fresh & lively.

Costa Nikias (Founder & Chief)

Created 2014

Food Pairings: South east Asian dishes




Glass type - glass Recommended temperature
4 oC

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